Stiles Reviews: Breath of Fire

SSS Breath of Fire

Well I feel it is about time that SSS returns to its RPG roots, this time taking a look at the first entry in the Breath of Fire series for the Super Nintendo! The verdict…? Meh.

Well here it is, the long-awaited but not-at-all-clamored-for SSS on the Breath of Fire series! As usual, if you enjoy the video please like, comment, share and subscribe! I’m always looking for feedback and enjoy general video game discussions as a whole, so please feel free to start up a conversation. Well, that’s enough rambling; on to the video!

Note: While Initially drafted to be the beginning of a Stiles’ Series Synopsis, technical difficulties (namely loss of data) has forced me to move it to Stiles’ Reviews, as I don’t know how long it will be until I get back to this series.

Written by: Nathan Stiles
Edited by Charlotte Buckingham
Note: This article was originally written for

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