Stiles’ Series Synopsis: Heavy Rain

SSS Heavy Rain Thumbnail

It’s time for take two; let’s see if Quantic Dream did any better with their second murder mystery adventure game title.

Welcome to a world where origami figures become sentient and attack helpless humans whenever it rains… because Scientologists voodoo makes it so! Wait, you mean that isn’t the plot of Heavy Rain? Is it really that far fetched after what the LAST game pulled? Let’s just watch the video and find out, shall we?

Sorry it keeps taking so long to get these videos out, but evolution takes time, and I’ve been making a lot of changes. If you like the video please don’t forget to comment, like, share and subscribe!

Please Read: Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties (namely loss of data) the video on Beyond Two Souls has been put on hiatus until I gather the willpower to sit through the game again.. yeah.. it was that.. interesting.

Written by: Nathan Stiles
Edited by Charlotte Buckingham
Note: This article was originally written for

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