Stiles Reviews: Artifact Adventure

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I take a look at Artifact Adventure, an RPG that claims to mix old-school appeal with modern-day open-world gameplay. Does it truly succeed at either?

I’ve talked about choice in gaming before, but no game I’ve ever played has embraced it quite like Artifact Adventure. Do the game’s choices make up for its rather generic RPG template? Well… you have the choice of deciding whether or not to watch the video below to find out!

Ha! You see what I did there…? Oh my god it’s 5 a.m…. can I please get some sleep now…? Also… where is my editor, this definitely needs to be rewritten… why am I still typing? More importantly.. why are you still reading? You poor saps… just… watch the video…or don’t… whatever hovers your airship.

Created by: Nathan Stiles

Edited by: Charlotte Buckingham (but that’s yet to be determined.. I mean, you saw that wall of blabbering text. She may have left it that way just to make me look foolish.

Edit: Don’t worry Nathan, I got your back fam). – Charlotte

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