Stiles’ Reviews: Rumble Racing


Buckle up for my review of  Rumble Racing, an underrated arcade racer for the Playstation 2.

So, you say you haven’t heard of Rumble Racing? Well sit down my dear viewer, and listen to the numerous tales of excitement, speed and gravity defiance. Rumble Racing is one of the games I remember fondly from my childhood; not so much because it has a special meaning in my life, but because it is just so exceedingly fun to play. So check out the video to see for yourself if it is right for you!

Pretty convincing, eh? Well I certaly hope it was and that someone will pick up the game because of my recommendation, or at the very least I hope that someone else has heard of this game so I don’t have to feel so alone anymore!!

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Written and Created by Nathan Stiles


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