Shootin’ the Sh!t with Stiles: Katawa Shoujo

Three friends and I do our first podcast, analyzing the visual novel Katawa Shoujo in great detail!

Shootin the Shit KS 7.png

This is the first entry in my new segment/podcast entitled Shootin’ the Sh!t with Stiles! In this, or I should say ‘these’ videos, we took a long, hard look at the visual novel Katawa Shoujo. See what I did there? It’s an H-game? Did’ya get it?

All of my immature jokes aside, this podcast is definitely 18 plus as we discuss the game in its entirety, which means we also talk about things like sex. As I say in the video, it was important that I let everyone speak freely, and thus there are some immature jokes and a lot of cursing. There is also quite a bit of insightful dialogue going on that I feel many people will enjoy.

Anyway, we went a bit overboard with this one… we sat and talked for about 4 hours, which means I had to break this into parts. I’ve uploaded the first three of seven, and will update this page as the rest come out. We’ve already decided on our next topic which I am excited to cover next year once the holiday season ends and we can have enough time to get back together for another recording.

Without further ado, here’s what is currently uploaded of Shootin’ the Sh!t with Stiles: Katawa Shoujo!


Created By: Nathan Stiles

Guest Appearances By: Gabe Nunez, Andrew Vigil and Lawson K. Root


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