Vote for Review: One Year Anniversary Special


It’s been one year already! In thanks, I want you guys to choose what game I will review in celebration!

The following write-up is copy and pasted from the Stiles’ Reviews Facebook page, so please excuse the bad grammar, punctuation and the like. This is mostly just being posted here for completion’s sake:

So… life has been crazy again. Gotta love working retail during the holiday season. Anyway, a video WILL be coming out next week. And I mean a full-on review and not just the Katawa Shoujo’s I’ve been able to get out in my spare time. On another note, I just missed my one year anniversary on YouTube. Yeah.. that came out of nowhere. I feel I’m doing all right for myself so far, especially since I’ve only REALLY been working on it for the past 6 months or so. Almost 50 subscribers and nearing 2,000 views, both of which are landmarks I hope I surpass before the year’s end. Either way, I’m here to present you with an opportunity to vote on my 1 year anniversary video! I picked 6 RPGs that I’ve been wanting to play and cover for a very long time, but haven’t had time to. Please vote for whichever you’d like to see me cover. There is also a place to make any suggestions you’d like! 

Below is a video containing details on the six games. You can either vote in the comments or by following the link in the video description!

Thank you all so much for watching my stuff, it’s greatly appreciated! And thank you in advance if you choose to vote!

Created by: Nathan Stiles


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